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Friday, April 24, 2009

5 Q&A - Mineral Powder Foundation

What differentiates Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation from any other facial powders?

The Mary Kay Powder Foundation is a foundation in a powder form. The foundation formula provides a buildable coverage with the silky-like comfortable powder. The weightless formula blends for a flawless look and evens out skin tone. It is transfer-resistant and because of this, your foundation stays on your skin longer. The regular facial pressed and/or loose powders generally have sheer/luminous coverage or shine control properties. These powders provide neither the coverage nor the benefits of a foundation.

How does Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation compare to other brands?

Mineral Powders are not composed of only pure minerals. Minerals are recovered from mines in a very un-pure state and are processed using water to get rid of contaminants. This process of retrieving and purifying the minerals from contaminants and water residue is very expensive and laborious. Thus, even the pharmaceutical grade, minerals have a level of contamination that is unavoidable. At Mary Kay, we are dedicated to delivering the safest and highest level of quality products, which are combined with extensive product and packaging testing.

If I have a blemish-prone skin or acne, can I use this product?

The Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation has been clinically tested and shown to be non-comedogenic indicating that it does not promote the formation of blemishes or acne lesions.

Does the Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation carry the "suitable for sensitive skin" claim?

Yes, the recent clinical studies have proven that Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation to be "suitable for sensitive skin." Mary Kay conducts extensive clinical and consumer claims studies to evaluate the product from various angles. Also, the formula has been clinically tested and passed for skin irritancy and allergy.

Is Mineral Powder Foundation for all skin types?

Yes, it is developed and tested for compatibility with all skin types.

Informations are copied from Mary Kay brochure

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