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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sekapur Sireh

Welcome and Selamat Datang to my blog on skin care and makeup.

I am a full time Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Besides that, I am also a full time online businesswoman. I conduct complimentary skin care class using and promoting Mary Kay products.

All students in my Mary Kay skin care class are free to use whatever products I bring along to the class. This includes skin care products and cosmetics. I teach the proper way of cleansing the face using Mary Kay products, starting from removing the water-proof eye makeup and lipstick with cotton ball, the right way of cleansing your face with the facial cloth, applying the moisturizer and face foundations with your beauty fingers and many more.

Apart from getting the knowledge on how best to apply skin care products on your face and skin, I will also explain the benefits of using such products. You will get to feel it, smell it and touch each and every products during the session.

Wait, there is more. I will also let you experience the lip spa as well as the body spa. Want to know more? Call now 013 -2139063 .

Do you need to pay for the experience you are going to enjoy? It's all for free. Why am I doing this? Because I enjoy sharing so much! Of course you can buy too. But please test it first!

Blog background

This blog sells Mary Kay products, impart knowledge and information on Mary Kay skin care and cosmetics. More beauty tips will be inserted later. Orders are welcome.
If you are interested to be a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, you are welcome!

If you wish to know more about Mary Kay, please contact me or visit www.marykay.com.my (if you are in Malaysia).

Segalanya untuk anda yang dihargai

Salah satu wawasan Mary Kay adalah mencapai kepuasan pengguna di seluruh dunia dengan memfokuskan kualiti, nilai, mudah didapati, inovasi dan khidmat peribadi yang diberikan - Terry Jacks, VP R&D, Mary Kay

Menghasilkan produk yang selamat digunakan adalah keutamaan Mary Kay. Pasukan saintis Mary Kay bukan hanya menguji setiap produk, malah mereka menguji setiap bahan bagi mempastikan keselamatan dan keberkesanannya.

Ada sains di sebalik seni kecantikan!

Setiap wanita di dunia ini mahukan produk yang benar-benar berkesan tetapi selamat digunakan. Pasukan saintis di Mary Kay Inc menggunakan teknologi termaju dalam seni penjagaan kulit yang ada sekarang bagi memastikan pengguna mendapat apa yang mereka mahukan, yakni produk yang inovatif yang boleh dipercayai dan harganya mampu dimiliki.

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