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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Intense Moisturizing Cream & Oil-Free Hydrating Gel

Intense Moisturizing Cream menjadikan kulit terasa dihidratkan, kekal lembap selama 10 jam. Ia mengandungi ekstrak marin, vitamin E dan mineral yang membantu menyuburkan kulit. Sesuai untuk kulit kering.

Oil-Free Hydating Gel terserap segera apabila menyentuh kulit, mengembalikan kelembapan kulit yang seimbang serta menghidratkan kulit selama 10 jam. Ia sesuai untuk kulit normal dan berminyak.

Harga : RM125.00 (berat 51g)

What the user says about this product:

If you have large pores you are probably a little on the shiny side throughout the day. I apply my Oil-Free Hydrating Gel between my moisturizer and my foundation and it behaves as a primer helping my foundation glide on over my somewhat large pores. It makes a difference especially if I haven't taken the time to do a little microdermabrasion.

I've been using this this product since MK introduced it, and it absolutely tops my list of skincare products. I'm in my early 40's and have combination skin. I was skeptical before I first tried it, because I have never considered myself as needing additional moisture. But after one try, I was hooked. I experienced the unexpected benefit of my foundation going on more smoothly. This is light, fresh, and it's one product that really feels like it's delivering moisture, not weight. Best of all, I can use it in the summer, despite living in a humid climate.

text copied from www.totalbeauty.com

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