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Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Long, Lasting Beauty that keeps your heart going

Mary Kay follows a set of golden rules to give back to the society. This philosophy set the foundation to all charity activities and event that Mary Kay had participated. Prior to setting up her own charity organisation, the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation, the Company was dedicated to contributing funds to the Cancer Research Foundation.

For more than 46 years now, Mary Kay has been creating impactful transformation to women, families and communities. Standing true to her philosophy - God first, Family second and Career third, MK founded a business and a lifestyle in accordance to her belief, making her great mentor to all women. MK offers a balanced lifestyle for women, developing them into becoming tolerant, noble, generous and beautiful women.

In a typical year, MK spends milllions of dollars and conducts more than 300,000 tests to ensure that Mary Kay products meet the highest standards of quality, safety and performance. Each new product must pass through a series of stringent research and consumer testing procedures. MK scientists bring their innovative insight to study new ingredients and formulas, and test them for:-

  1. safety,
  2. quality,
  3. stability,
  4. purity,
  5. skin efficacy,
  6. product usage,
  7. performance, and
  8. consumer acceptance.

Through the opportunity offered by MK, many beauty consultants are helping other women and contributing to the healthy development in the society while living beautiful and marvelous lives. MK is offering a chance for women to "become prettier than putting on make-up, having an achievement that is greater than success, and a sense of self-satisfaction that is higher than self-confidence," enabling them to see the multiple facets in them and enjoy life to the fullest.

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